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Have you got a favourite book? Have you ever read a book that you found terrible? Have you ever felt like persuading friends to read that one book you love or prevent them from reading a book you thought was a waste of time? 

These are one of the many and varied things Booktubers «vlog» about in YouTube.

If you’d like to learn more about Booktubes click HERE!

This year, our proposal for Booktubes is aimed at our Secondary School students in Seniors 1, 2 and 3. Every term each student reads a book extensively for the pleasure of reading and also as yet another opportunity to be exposed to the English language.

Starting this year, you will be asked to prepare a Booktube on the book you had to read. You will be able to prepare Booktubes in pairs if you wish to.

Here’s some useful info on how to make a Booktube and also about the types of Booktubes you can make.

Booktube support group. 

Top 5 Best Booktubers. 

When your Booktube is ready publish it in your YouTube account (It’s the one associated to your Las Cumbres email account.) and share it in your blog for your teacher and mates to see and enjoy.

Good Luck! 😉


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